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Translated Anger

Calm I have really tried but failed,
thus the creation of this poem.
Read on if only you’re prepared,
translated anger can be nasty.

Fuck, I just had to say it out,
you have brought shit into my life.
Are you stupid or retarded,
to have ignored all my clear shown angers.

Fuck, how much more blunt can you be,
killing me hardly with your actions.
Didn’t I made a confession,
but your bloody brain is a piece of shit.

Fuck, my luck to have a friend like you,
full of bullshit and alibis.
Learn how to be fucking truthful,
you suck beyond words can explain.

Fuck, I had enough of this game,
I will not be toy by you asshole.
Stop trying to be a fucking saint,
I mean it, stop hurting me bitch.


Did I run away from it all?

Betrayal is most probably the worst feeling in this World. When I found out the news, it hit me so hard like a bullet train. Anger and sadness all roll into my mind and nothing could keep me sane.

I decided to leave my room and have some fresh air outside. Once I shut the main door behind me, there was this adrenaline rush build up inside of  me waiting to be burst out of my veins. I took off the ledge of the staircase close to the speed of light. Out I go zooming pass the guard house and into the open road. I ran past the park, the swings, the basketball court, the countless cars parked by the road side that is such a common sight in Kuala Lumpur and still I didn’t stop.

Suddenly I felt like I’m running out of my own body, out of my own betrayed life, out of the mess, out of the anger & sadness. I stopped. I looked back. Did I run away from it all?

“Do whatever it takes to make yourself feel better.”