Rainbow – A reason for tomorrow.

A little something I’ve stir up beginning of this week.
I was having a pretty bad day and nothing seems to be going my way. But this dear darling of mine cheer me up and gave me a very beautiful reason to see the light of day again.

Bitter days be gone,
my heart she has won.
Rainbow she put on,
my days not alone.Wait she did and ask,
patient for I must.
Rainbow she will cast,
all my sorrows blast.

Hope I lost but found,
live loud I will sound.
Rainbow is around,
the days with you count.

Love it is or not,
truth be told or bought.
Rainbow I have caught,
my life now is sort.

“You have a way, a way with me girl.”

One thought on “Rainbow – A reason for tomorrow.”

  1. hey, you’re being so sweet =)I’ve done just a little, and I’m pleased that i managed to cheer you up!i have to tell u…you’re the ever 1st guy who wrote a poem for me..and i will remember it forever. Just like the rainbow is always in my heart =)

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