June’s gone…

First of all… I would like to thank the readers for my little online journal here. Thanks for your time!

I wanted to fill in more entries for July… but time just passes by so fast with just a blink of an eye. And there are so many awesome events that I just couldn’t find the time to nourish this little blog here.

There are like great BBQ where we’re trying to drown each other with alcohol. Luckily nobody really got drunk. But lots of people puked though.

There’s also another rat who we name Parry who came into the house and yes it died in a dreadful way. We first gave it alcohol then we tied it on the fence and waited till the morning comes. Before the morning even arrives it was already covered up with flies. Icky alright! Now all it has got left is only dry skin. I know it’s gross.. but it’s a rodent!

There is also a superb gal friend who flew in from overseas to pay Malaysia a visit. I have to say this, so far she’s the best thing that ever happened in my life. I’m not sure if she felt the same way about the experience… maybe less. But it’s alright. I’m just cherishing the wonderful moments she gave me. I’m blessed!

There are a lot more events like Japan GT, ice-skating competition, reading FHM and Maxim UK edition in a mamak… I’ll just try to write them down in the near future.

“Life is short. Play hard!”

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