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Passion Drives You: James Cameron


I am about to tell you how a 22-year-old college dropout truck driver named James Cameron ended up becoming a top-tier film director.

In 1977, he went to watch Star Wars with a pal. His friend enjoyed the movie but Cameron walked out of the theatre ready to punch something. Did he hate the movie? No!

You see, during his free time, he used to paint tiny models and write science fiction stories set in galaxies far, far away. Now he was facing a deflating reality. The things he had been daydreaming about had just been brought to life by Lucas. Star Wars was the film he should have made.

It got him so angry he bought some cheap movie equipment and began experimenting to find out how Lucas had done it. He spent days in the USC library, reading everything he could about special effects. Cameron was completely obsessed!

He then persuaded his local dentist to invest US$20,000 in what he billed as his version of Star Wars. The clip didn’t get him a full-length feature film, but he was hired to build miniature spaceships.

In 1981, he made it to the director’s chair, overseeing Piranha II: The Spawning. While editing the movie he had a fever and dreamed of a robot clawing its way towards a cowering woman. This became the basis for the script for his second movie.

In 1984, The Terminator was released and over the next 10 years, Cameron helmed a series of daring films, including Aliens, The Abyss, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, and True Lies. Titanic, of course, went on to become the highest-grossing movie of all time. It won 11 Oscars, including best picture and best director. Titanic sailed into the record books, grossing US$1.8bil worldwide.

Passion is one thing, doing is another. I would like to end this with a quote from Cameron himself.

“There are many talented people who haven’t fulfilled their dreams because they over thought it, or they were too cautious, and were unwilling to make the leap of faith.” – James Cameron

Dare to pursue your dreams and you never know how things may turn out.

The end of the world tomorrow? [Video]


I was driving on NKVE last Thursday and this is what I captured.

Do watch the video before you further read what I’m about to say below.

I don’t think it’s the end of the world tomorrow simply because there isn’t enough epidermic catastrophe that signifies the end of the world.  Sure the world isn’t as peachy as it was and so many major natural disasters had happened during the last few years but I really don’t see the world ending tomorrow.

But if in any case I’m proven wrong within the next few hours. I just wanna say how beautiful life is and I thank everyone that has made an impact in my life. God bless us all!

NASA telling the world that it will not end tomorrow.

Fake plane crash turns into a marriage proposal

I’ve written a few post about amazing marriage proposal’s here and here.

Ryan and Carlie’s engagement is both cute and heart stopping at the same time.

Ryan took a two person plane out for a spin and took some great pictures of themselves and the view. Moments later he decided to fake that the plane is out of control. He asked Carlie to read out the emergency check list for him and to her surprise it is actually his proposal. I don’t wanna spoil too much of the details here, go ahead, press play!

I’m a dog lover but I’ll make an exception for this fiesty cat that bullies alligators. [Video]

I hate cats. They do not contribute any significant benefit to human race except for all the LOLCAT videos and memes. But today I’m gonna make an exception and post something about cats.

This cat is either the bravest or the most foolish cat I’ve ever seen. The pussy cat decides to score some free chicken. What does the cat do? It swipes the alligator across the face a few times. I’m truly surprised at how easily the alligator gave up and returned into its swamp.

Check out the video and be sure to listen to the funny conversations at the background.

What I concluded from a 3 year old McD fries vs KFC fries science experiment.

Fries were left in unopened Mason jars for three years.

“If we eat enough McDonald fries for the rest of our lives, our body will never rot when we die.”

7 billion population, why fight over a girl?

The Earth has 7 billion population. Amongst the 7 billion, over 1 billion are single and eligible females. Why are men still fighting over the same girl?

Throughout my life, I’ve seen numerous examples of guys going after the same girl and often it doesn’t end where the winning guy and the girl walks into the sunset like movies or fairy tales. It mostly end up in blazing flames.

I myself did make a similar mistake. I remembered during my adolescent years, I did fall for the wrong girl and that cost me my best friend who is like a brother to me. (we are still strangers) That lesson was a painful one and since then, I’ve never fought with anyone else over a girl. It’s never worth it. Let me paint you a few scenarios.

The Ego
Ben is an average looking guy who has never dated and decided to try his luck with Ellie. Unfortunately Sam likes Ellie and decides to go for her too at the same time. Ben & Sam tried their best to woo Ellie but Sam decided to let go in the end. Sam gave his blessings and Ellie accepted Ben. Things were good for awhile till Ben started showing his ego. Since he won Ellie over Sam, he felt like he could just get any girl. So Ben ditched Ellie and tried to pursue other girls. Sam is now dating someone else and Ellie is heartbroken.

The Superstar
Ellie is a sweet & kind average looking girl. She was never popular because her best friends are more attractive than her. She seldom gets noticed and she couldn’t care less. Suddenly it all changed when she noticed that 2 of her peers are trying to date her. It was a feeling she has never experience and it felt good, real good. The exciting discovery changed Ellie from the sweet & kind girl into a girl who plays hard to get. Her friends now call her a bitch.

You’ve Changed
Ellie is an elegant woman who is a successful manager who works in a MNC. She wasn’t rushing into any commitment especially when 2 guys named Ben & Sam constantly showers her with gifts, flowers and love.  A year has passed and she figure out who she wants to spend her rest of her life with. After a phone call, Ben is the happiest man alive. Ben was so ecstatic he made sure everyone knows who he was dating, especially after that 1 year long chase. But 6 months later, Ellie broke up with Ben. She said Ben has changed. The gifts, flowers and love was less.

The Trophy
Ben & Sam decided to go after a gorgeous young girl name Ellie whom they both met in a club 6 months ago. Ben & Sam tried their best tricks up their sleeves to win Ellie’s heart. 2 months later, Sam sealed the deal, he would proudly bring Ellie around and wave her around like a trophy. Ben moved on. 4 months later, Sam got bored and decided to go for the cute girl he just met at Starbucks coffee. Sam managed to date the cute girl from Starbucks Coffee but 6 months later, he went after the new neighbor.

Character names have been changed to protect the innocent.

I hope these few scenarios made a point and anyone could get hurt in this game. Be the gentleman and back off for the losers now will later win. Trust me, cause I won.