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The poetic side of the stage.


A poem I wrote for my cousin.

On this melodious path of mine,
do re mi plays along the line.
Without barriers music plays fine,
touching lives throughout every sign.

Every note on paper or ear,
draws peace and bringing nations near.
Through music I express my love,
glorifies the heavens above.

On every step that I take charge,
music was always there in march.
It is the speech of the angels,
A wondrous gift from God’s angels.

Tell Me Is This Love

Sitting in the train heading home from work sure makes my mind wander.

Books aplenty I have read,
Teachings of all I have learn,
Wise words of old I have Listened,
Still clueless in what I am feeling.

A growl deep in my heart,
A face I could never forget,
A bliss without comparison,
What is it that I am feeling.

Bitters my heart when she parts,
Silent screams echoing my ears,
Tried to wipe but there’s no tears,
Tell me is this love?

Last Kiss

Knowing you in this life time was like heaven sent.
Meeting you at the oddest place was like fate.
Learning more about you was like my blessing.
What say you when you decided to leave me cold?

Not being able to love you was like a puzzle.
Not knowing what I did wrong was so unfair.
Not having you was like hell.
What say you when I decided to give up hope?

Meeting you again is like a dream to me.
Seeing your smile is like sunshine for my days.
Kissing you is like heaven on earth.
What say you when my madness for you is gone?

“Everything in this World has a shelf life. Figure our your shelf life.”

Curse Of Doom

Not sure what inspired me to write this yesterday afternoon with a brain lack of sleep.

Vibrant world brought me a colorful heart,
joy of abstract as beautiful as art.
I did and fell for a lady so pure,
her permission she gave but took my cure.

Like a witch she cast a curse upon me,
restless in pain & agony I plea.
In darkness bound by chains of my nightmare,
still not a sound nor sign of love or care.

My world she stops with her unending doom,
I feel no light, no air, no flowers bloom.
The best in me is lost in her blank page,
Bitter heart of mine breaks with mix of rage.

Blinded by this curse will I not submit,
Pit of doom will I not let death meet.
Twice my heart broke on this journey with you,
Free from chains but still my heart misses you.

Rainbow – A reason for tomorrow.

A little something I’ve stir up beginning of this week.
I was having a pretty bad day and nothing seems to be going my way. But this dear darling of mine cheer me up and gave me a very beautiful reason to see the light of day again.

Bitter days be gone,
my heart she has won.
Rainbow she put on,
my days not alone.Wait she did and ask,
patient for I must.
Rainbow she will cast,
all my sorrows blast.

Hope I lost but found,
live loud I will sound.
Rainbow is around,
the days with you count.

Love it is or not,
truth be told or bought.
Rainbow I have caught,
my life now is sort.

“You have a way, a way with me girl.”

10 Years – A Dedication to Naledi

Here’s a little something I wrote last Friday evening.
It’s an inspiring dedication for Naledi.

10 years you have walked,
alone and pitch black.
Answers kept and lock,
still no turning back.

10 years in this pain,
can this love be real.
Dark skies filled with rain,
still His words with you.

10 years on this path,
valleys with no top.
Your face shines and laugh,
still praying with hope.

10 years kept in heart,
you shall let it end.
Strongest chains be cut,
your prayers not in vain.

Filling the Cup

Cup of life, cup of love, cup of hopes, cup of career, cup of dreams…
Where did my cup go?

Do you have a cup?
If you do, how does it look like?
How big is it?
Where you bought it?
What do you fill it with most of the time?

This is my cup. It’s no ordinary coffee cup.
There’s more to it than what it seems.
This is my cup. Sitting on that shelf.
Avoiding the purpose of it’s nature.
This is my cup. Unshattered, Untouched.

This is my cup. Empty and tasteless.
Awaits dearly to be filled to the brim.
This is my cup. Selected out of the rest.
It will be served for the best of the best.
This is my cup. Polished, Prepared.